Monday, February 6, 2012

Art Class = Love.

So I definitely am loving my art class way more than I expected, not being an artsy person. Today we did a few fun things, all projects you could do in a classroom.

Firstly, we made balanced plasticine meals. This is something that is great to incorporate with health class, for example. Anyway, we had lots of fun! It is so exciting to make itty bitty food and place it in a realistic way. 

Our meal was salmon, carrots, asparagus, baked sweet potato, and a
glass of milk. It was hard to get the right brown for the potato skin!

Then, and this is my favourite part. We learned about the proportions of the face while drawing a portrait. The proportions really help and are so interesting to learn about. You never think about it that way. It was great! I have not drawn anything that realistic looking, ever. And it would be even greater if we learned how to shade. Anyway, so here is a before and after of how I drew faces.

See what I did there? I put it on ugly paper and took a picture with
not-as-good lighting. Kind of like what they do with before
and after pictures in advertising...

New and improved portrait. Now I  know things like, eyes are halfway
down the face, ears go from between the eyebrows and eyes to
the nose. Crazy how those little details make a difference.

So it was quite an exciting evening. There were lots of Oooohs, Aahhhhs, Really!?s, and No way!?s. I love learning things like this. Hopefully we do shading soon!


P.S. We named and marked our mealworms today in class. And holy smokes, mealworms be crazy! Jasmine was climbing up the walls. I think she was trying to escape.

See? Jasmine. Climbing up the wall. We also have an Aladdin with
a blue mark on his back. Also, don't worry; the nail polish
doesn't hurt them because of their rough exoskeleton.

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