Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pan Am in Real Life?

I don't know if I have mentioned this before on the blog, but I love the TV show Pan Am. Unfortunately, the network has decided to cancel it after this first season. That is pretty much one of my newer biggest pet peeves; TV networks cancelling more than half the new shows after season one. But I digress.

This retro add was feature in TV Guide Magazine.
Isn't cool?

Pan Am is just such a fun, intense show with many intriguing plots playing out. And also, the pilots? Hot! At least the Dean Lowry guy... If you haven't checked out this show yet, catch up on season one; it is worth it even if the show has been cancelled.

Apparently the guy who plays Dean now, Mike Vogel, wasn't originally
in the cast (based on this picture from the creators of the show - found
on the CTV website).

But really, who wouldn't want to be in his plane?
(Picture from ABC online)

Well, guess what? You can fly now with an airline that is a bit more old-fashioned and kind of Pan Am-ish. The stewardesses even wear the little hats! It made me want to become a stewardess. Do you know what airline I am talking about? That's right folks, I am talking about Porter Airlines. It flies out of Toronto City Airport. The only problem with it is that it doesn't go to the West of the country so I cannot visit my sister.

See? Even the little pill box hats!
(Photo by Porter Airlines)

This airline is much less expensive than the others, probably because of the airports it uses. However, the service is fantastic. The staff is extremely friendly and they feed you. For free. Even on short flights. Here are some pictures from my flight at Christmas-time.

They asked if I wanted a something box. I didn't hear what they said
but hey! You wanna give me a free box? Sure!

I open up my box and I found food! These people are my new best
friends. A sandwich, and potato salad, and chocolate? Yum!

Here is my favourite part; they use glass glasses. That means they
wash the glasses and re-use them. That makes me happy!
Helping the environment.

So that is a little taste of my experience with Porter Airline. Give them a shot if you can. You'll love your experience.

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