Monday, October 31, 2011

The best thing...

We decided to watch Monster House for our Halloween movie. It's scary but not too scary for me to handle. Perfect! Well, of course we watched it in 3D on Dad's new TV. Randomly, part way through the movie, he suddenly pipes up: "Man! This 3D TV is the most fun I've had in years!"


Thriller... And Halloween!

This year, I had three Halloween celebrations and they were all great! Mostly, it was Thriller-filled.

Best Halloween dance EVER!

However, I am ashamed to say that this Thriller pro has lost her Thriller-y abilities! I know. It's hard to believe I did it in my grad show and don't remember it now! Actually... It's not that hard to believe since that was about a billion years ago! (Okay, maybe just 5 but still!)

My first Halloween celebration was with my fellow BEd-ers! Friday night, we all dressed up and hung out in the evening and then went out to Scary-oke! :) Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Thriller with Salt & Pepper! (We're not as cool as the rappers but hey!)
Singing Jesse's Girl, of course! P.S. That is a link to the original
music video from the 80s. Full of epic-ness, as are
most things from the 80s.
Crazy Dancing!
Teacher Faces!!
Not so much...
And then on Saturday, I moved to my Dad's house and then went out with RenĂ© and some friends. We kinda had a pirate theme going on. Anyways, we went to a friend's house (who, as you can see, is a huge fan of Halloween and its decorations) and guess what they wanted to do. The Thriller dance of course! I did one dance move from it and they all assumed I knew it. So ten seconds later, they are following me as I repeatedly went through the three or four moves I remembered from the dance! And no matter what I said, they kept yelling about how cool it was that I knew it. haha Anyways...

Thriller! This is the dance move when you clap your hands above
 your head and then do a shimmy thing...
Some costumes were scarier than others...
Then today, I had a Halloween celebration with my class. Unfortunately, there was no Thriller. But there was lots of Bingo, Pictionnary, laughing, and absolute chaos and insanity. But I loved it! The kids had so much fun and so did I. It was a good start to an internship.

Tonight at Dad's, only a few Trick-or-Treaters have stopped by and I'm pretty sure they were all over the age of 15. Oh well! It's okay because now... I'm moving on to Christmas! (I'm not kidding. I'm already listening to Christmas music! Yay!)

Hope you all had wonderful Halloweens as well! Have a fantastic week!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The rain finally changed to snow. So happy! Look how beautiful it is...

On Bullying.

My grandmother loves Rick Mercer. So it is only natural that I have watched his show every now and then. And my favourite part of his show is alway the rant. This is when he walks through and alley (the same one every time) while being filmed and has a quick, passionate rant about a hot topic in the media. Recently (October 25th), he made a rant on bullying. More specifically, it discussed suicide as a result of bullying and how more strenuous consequences should result from this kind of situation. 

As you can probably tell based on my other recent post on bullying, I am a strong believer in doing whatever is necessary to stop this atrocious behaviour. I truly believe that awareness and early intervention are key to solving the problem. Schools, as well as parents and childhood care providers, play a vital part in making students aware as to what bullying is, the results of it and their responsibilities towards their peers. Compassion, caring, and kindness should be encouraged and rewarded.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Girl

I have always loved Zooey Deschanel. I mean, just look at Elf! Her character is just so darn cute! So I was very excited when I found out she was going to be in a new TV show this year, New Girl. Unfortunately, I have no TV at my new house but I have still managed to catch up on the series. And let me just say, hi-larious! They definitely could have called the show "Funny Girl".

I love her character because it kind of reminds me of myself - quirky, nerdy, friends with lots of boys, and sings to herself all the time. Actually, I think she is a character that many people would relate to. The show is only a few episodes in but I hope *cross fingers* that it plays for a very long time. I can definitely see this show brightening up my week just as much as Raising Hope and the slightly more serious Grey's Anatomy.

Ah TV therapy.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Friday!

Alright! Time to link up to Amanda on this very Happy Friday! Here are some things that made me happy this week:

- This week, we only had one math class and it consisted mostly of candy and (educational) games.

- My Gram and Gramps visited me on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. (Definitely spoiled!)

- I discovered a brand new, hilarious show, New Girl.

- I got a huge care package from my mommy with lots of my favourite movies and useful things for my classroom.

- I went to Half Apps at Snooty's with some fellow BEd-ers. We had a blast and got some free swag.

- I met some old friends and classmates while walking home this week. It's so nice to see people I know again!

- I have a mall date with Amanda today. I'm going to buy a sandwich and a salad container. So excited!

- And finally... drumroll... I finished my first semester of my BEd! Woohoo! Handed in my last assignment last night and I'm done. Classroom, here I come!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cinderella Stories

I think that today, there are more variations on the story of Cinderella than any other fairytale. And being a lover of old fashioned stories (Sense and Sensibility, Little Women, etc.) and fairytales (Disney or otherwise), I have read or watched my share of Cinderella stories. I think it is fair to say that I have two favourites thus far; one is a book, the other a movie.

Ever After is a fabulous movie in which they depict the true story of Cinderella, or rather Danielle, a young girl who gets caught up in a lie while trying to save one of the other servants. This lie leads her to meet the prince and an epic love story ensues. 

The movie is filled with funny moments and of course, the teary eyed I-can't-believe-he-did-that-what-a-jerk moments. And I know some people aren't a fan of Drew but this is definitely one of her better roles. I watched it the other day and I just want to watch it again. It is that good!

Ella Enchanted is a fantastic children's book (9-12) written by Gail Carson Levine. It is about a young girl burdened by a horrible curse placed upon her by the fairy Lucinda at birth; the "gift" of obedience. The young girl meets the Prince Charmont after her mother dies and over time, their friendship blooms. 

Filled with the mystical (well more than the typical versions), you meet and learn about ogres, fairies, elves, and many more. If you like this one, check out her other books (not Cinderella-y but still great), especially The Two Princesses of Bamarre. There is also a movie base on Ella Enchanted, featuring Anne Hatheway. It is very different from the book, but still pretty good.

Any other suggestions of good Cinderella stories? Or other stories, for that matter.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Once Upon a Time

I have been seeing commercials for this new show, Once Upon a Time for while now and couldn't wait for the first episode to air (October 27th), despite the not so great reviews. It seemed like it had a great cast and it reminded me of a comic series I absolutely love, Fables.

The way they set up the story might have been confusing to some, jumping back and forth through time. But basically, all the storybook characters are banished to our world and stuck in Storybrooke, Maine. In modern day, none of them remember who they are. A woman, Emma, who is also Snow White's daughter, is found by her biological son whom she gave up and he brings her to Storybrooke in hopes she will save them all.

I found it was very interesting to see how each character or person becomes integrated into real life. They all have very normal, daily roles but you can also see all of their original characteristics coming through. Mrs. Blanchard, a.k.a. Snow White, is a teacher who is compassionate, kind, and loves animals. The Evil Queen is the mayor of Storybrooke and she is cold and harsh with her son. Here is the trailer for the show:

I love Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love) and was thrilled to see her in another role. She is so sweet and cute and her roles are usually intricate and interesting. And the Prince Charming, played by Josh Dallas, could definitely be the next big TV Fantasy heartthrob, As could the Sheriff (Jamie Dornan).

Anyways, the next episode plays on October 30th and I am excited to watch and see what comes of it. Hopefully it plays for a while since I want to see what the writers plan on doing with it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don't Close PCVS!

This September, my sister started to attend a new school, PCVS. This school is the oldest in Peterborough and one of the older ones in Canada. It has many impressive and original programs. The public school board trustees voted for closing the school on Friday September 30th and the reaction was very strong. But the fight isn't over, according to the PCVS Foundation president, who plans to appeal for a review to the Minister of Education.

Many say that the decision of PVCS was chosen as the school to shut down was not in the students' and community's best interest; funding was the main reason. It was suggested that TASSS be consolidated with the other school however, trustees' opinions seemed to change once they found out how much the renovations would cost to turn that specific school into offices.

Some also believe that trustees did not take the decision as seriously as they should or did not make the decision for the right reasons. They said that the trustees may have been colder in their decision-making since those voting to close the school were not from Peterborough. Many members of the school and the community were outraged, stating that the trustees were destroying their community. Students consistently talk about the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere of the school, and sense of belonging they found at PCVS. The school is more of a family or community than just a school.

I know that personally, this school has made a huge difference for my sister. She was having some issues for the past few years. As soon as she started at PCVS, her attitude became more positive, she was making healthier and smarter decisions, and she seemed happier than she had in a long time. Her commitment to her school work was impressive; she was doing school work again and taking more complex or difficult academic classes. Also, the arts integration program allowed her to take classes that she loved, like her creative writing class. More importantly, she felt like she belonged and had school pride. Lately, she has been wearing her "I <3 PCVS" t-shirt almost every day and if she isn't wearing it, she is wearing school colours.

When I went to Peterborough on the long weekend in October, my sister was so excited to show off her wonderful school to me. The school was absolutely beautiful and if nothing else, they should keep PCVS open to preserve the beauty of this historical school.  She lent me one of her school t-shirts and brought me downtown to show me around. We took lots of pictures around the school and I told her I would make a blog post about her school.

PCVS is an integral part of the Peterborough community but also of its students' lives. Hopefully, those ultimately responsible for shutting it down realize what a massive mistake they are making before it is too late.

Here are a few articles or personal responses to the closing of the school that you can read if you are interested:

You can also Google or check on YouTube for other information and to see the protests the students initiated to save their school.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Things Amanda and I will do!

So, in my BEd program, I have made lots of friends. And one of the most wonderfulest, funnest ones (teehee) is Amanda! (She introduced me to blogging. Thanks girls!) Anyways, we keep coming up with amazing ideas of things to do. So I thought I should share some of these with you!

- Go to Disney World.

- Visit King's Landing.

- Visit New York City.

- Teach in the UK.

I'm sure we'll think of others things to do. I'll keep you posted!

P.S. Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I created them so we could really visualize what we wanted to do. Better chance of realizing them! haha

Sunday, October 23, 2011

You know you're a teacher when...

- You can't stay up past 9:30 on a Friday night.

- You get excited when you walk into Staples. One of everything please!

- You could spend a whole afternoon in Chapters, looking at every book.

- You worry about how late it is when it is only 9:44.

- Spending a Friday doing curriculum development is exciting.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm so lost...

Alright folks! Today, I finished the last of my assignments (minus one group one that will be done tomorrow). This means I get the whole day to myself! Only thing is, I haven't had any time to myself for a few months so now I feel completely lost!

Anyways, I figured I could waste some time trying to find a song about feeling lost or feeling bored. But all the songs that exist about these topics seem to be related to feeling lost because of a boy or girl or being sick of their behaviour. And frankly, that has nothing to do with my situation. A few were about being bored but they weren't really my style...

So I figured I'd put up a song about not doing anything. And what better song than "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars? I love this song. Actually, his whole album "Doo-Wops & Hooligans"is great! Definitely check it out!

Anyways, I still want songs about being bored/feeling lost cause you have nothing to do. If you have any suggestions, please share! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

I lied...

Okay! So I was wrong. Apparently you do need the glasses. See?

Also, Dad is super excited! Almost like a kid at Christmas! He ran up the stairs to tell us about some of it all giggly and giddy. And he is testing every single movie he owns, it seems.

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone! Some of the things that made me happy this week:

Linking up with my new, wonderful friend Amanda for the first time on this happy Friday!

New TVs that allow you to watch 3D movies without having to wear those annoying 3D glasses.

Finding a video that incorporates two things I love: Tim Minchin and Dr. Who!

New bedrooms! (Even though moving can be a royal pain...)

Having my first experience in teaching as a almost certified teacher and loving it.

Getting written into a student's story.

Finding out my supervising-teacher is wonderful!

Finding a cute, cheap watch that will work great for now.

New friends starting new blogs.

Having a loving, caring, supportive family that is there to talk or help whenever and however they can.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

First days.

So I had my first observation days in the classroom. And I just loved it! :) I've gotten written into a story, and the kids were upset when they found out I wouldn't be back for a week. My teacher is great and I really think we're going to get along. I know almost all of the students names (there are 29 so that's saying something) and they were starting to trust me a little bit for advice or help today (yesterday they would double check everything with the teacher). All I did was read a story and help the students with their writing and math but it was still a blast!

This is the book I read (a student had brought it from home).
It was very cute and it rhymed. Check it out!

Tomorrow is my first PD day and we are planning the next units for the new curriculum they are building as they go along. Should be interesting.

Anyways. Successful week and I'm happy as can be! :) I hope all the other BEd-ers had as wonderful a time as me! I think I'm really going to like this job.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Okay! So we have been watching this video all the time in my program because it is so cute! And the other day we noticed Rosie playing the drums the whole time and just loved it. (We were definitely all drumming away after that...) Definitely listened to it this morning when I was getting ready for my "first day of school". Check this video out. Definitely Star Power.

Good luck to all the other BEd-ers having their first day today! You're all fabulous! Get out there and Sparkle! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Year of Firsts.

The first time you do anything, it is exciting but often scary. These past few months have been so full of firsts and there are many to come.

First flight over the Atlantic.

First time travelling alone with my Gramps.

First time driving on "the wrong side" of the road. (Yups! In this little car! Scary, I know...)

First day of my second degree.

First time living away from home.

First time living with roommates.

First time blogging.

First time getting ahead on work. 

First time living with my dad. (Well since I was 5. PS That's him!)

First time officially observing in a classroom.

First time teaching in a classroom I am responsible for.

What are some exciting firsts you have had this year?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

I know it is starting to get cold and dreary. Getting past the October hump is difficult, to say the least. But take a moment to enjoy the beauty of Fall. Take a deep breath and enjoy the cool crisp air of the morning. Look at the change and colour around you and smile at the beauty of our world.

The big old tree in my front yard.
Have a great week!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Done Doctor Who!

So I finally caught up on my Doctor Who! And all I can say is, what a clever man! Also, boy do I ever miss him. The last few episodes are so intense while you are waiting to find out what happens to the Doctor. Does he die or does someone save him? I won't say on here because, as River Song says:

However, let me just say that the writers are very good at keeping you hanging. As the title says, there is the wedding of River Song but that is the least of the craziness in the episode.

Also, I am new with this whole Doctor Who thing. I know every year they have a Christmas Special. Anyone know the date for this yet? And any idea what it will be relating to this year?

Saturday, October 15, 2011


This past week, I finished a wonderful book and I wish I hadn't. It's one of those books that makes you wish the story would go on forever. "Juliet" is author Anne Fortier's debut novel. Believe me when I say that she definitely didn't waste her first impression as a writer - the book is fabulous. I think the best description I've heard of it was from my friend Dawn who called it "The Woman's Da Vinci Code".

You can't help but become attached to the characters and the way Alessandro and Giulietta's stories intertwine is fabulous. It gives a very interesting historical overview on some of the theories behind the famous story of Romeo and Juliet (PS Great movie adaptation I watched in high school). You'll end up rooting, flinching, hoping, cheering and at times, even crying.

Sound interesting to you? Still unsure? Check out the book trailer (great concept right?!) that they made for it.

Check it out! Also, I am in need of other books to read. Any suggestions?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

On Bullying.

Today, in my Classroom Management class, we covered the topic of bullying. I think this is a very important issue. Bullying changes the courses of people's lives and we are missing out on so many people's wonderful spirits and ideas because of it. It needs to be dealt with properly and I can only hope that some day, it will no longer be an issue.

I know that after a string of bully-induced suicides, awareness always peaks and every famous person in the world hops on the "stay strong" and "it gets better" boats. You see things like The Trevor Project for homosexual students who are being bullied. The adds for these are is great and show support but I think we need to hear from every day people as well. You need to hear your neighbour's or your friend's or the girl in your math class' story. Personal connections are what will make a difference.

The great thing about some of the projects is that they get the word out. For example, the GoogleChrome "It Gets Better" video urged people to tell their stories. And that is just what happened. Just YouTube search "It gets better, I promise."  In class today, we watched a preview for a movie coming out and I think it will have a great impact.

"The Bully Project" is a documentary that follows everyday children in the US who get bullied. These are people like you and I, and they suffer through bullying every day. They are made to feel worthless, or stupid, or ashamed of who they are. This should never happen. To anyone. Hopefully this documentary will be another step towards eliminating bullying.

I cannot wait for this movie to become available to everyone. Bullying must be stopped. Be brave. Stand up. Spread the word, spread awareness, spread empathy and caring. Spread love.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Feist has a new album! Celebrate!

Yay! Feist finally has a new album out, Metals. I was so excited!

As people who have read my past blog entries might know, I really love music. So when my favourite artists release new albums, I pretty much freak out. I have been listening to "Metals" almost constantly. Unfortunately, I don't really have time to listen to it "sans studying"but I have still been enjoying it. I think I've already pinpointed my two favourite songs for now though (other than the single "The Bad in Each Other"). But goodness knows my favourites will probably change as I keep listening.The songs are catchy and they have cool bridges or bits that you can't help but hum along to.

The first one would be "Graveyard" which, at times, kind of reminds me of something "Florence and the Machine"-y. Here is a live version of it:

The second one would be "Undiscovered First". Slow at first but then you can't help but start bobbing along. Here is an album version of it:

If you've never listened to Feist before, check out her past albums (and her new one). She has a very unique history, voice, and style. Enjoy!

Monday, October 10, 2011


I am thankful for the wonderful Thanksgiving Day; wonderful weather, food, and family.

I am thankful for my Mommy who always supports me and often spoils me (no matter how guilty I tell her it makes me feel). I am also thankful for her husband who has sacrificed so much for all of us.

I am thankful for new programs, new friends, and new opportunities - including that of living with my Dad for a few months.

I am thankful for delicious food and fabulous friends who are always there for you, not matter the time or day.

I am thankful for Half App Wednesdays and Grey Thursdays and Doctor Who.

I am thankful for all kinds of books: interesting, funny, intelligent, serious, positive, and historically accurate.

I am thankful for the outdoors, with its sunshine, rain, snow, and multicoloured leaves.

I am thankful for pets who cuddle you when you are feeling down.

I am thankful for having a roof over my head and living in a safe and friendly environment.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

What's your number?

Today, I had my first movie date in a long time (don't get TOO excited, it was with my sister) and I opted for the new rom-com "What's Your Number?"

Turns out, I was pleasantly surprised. Anna Faris was funny but not as ridiculously dumb as she tends to be in many of the roles I have seen her play. And Chris Evans. I mean, come on! Smokin' AND funny AND nice? There are bits of the movie that are predictable but I still loved it. It makes you wish you'd reached your number if it just meant you would meet your perfect match.

If you want a light-hearted, funny, feel-good movie to watch during your long weekend, check it out!