Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Friday! On Sunday...

Alright folks! So I kind of missed Friday. However, there have been lots of good things this week so I decided to write a happy post for the week anyway. So time to link up with Amanda! Here are some things that made me happy this week:

- Last weekend, I got to explore a new town with someone and meet lots of new people. It was lots of fun. Quite an adventure!

- On Monday, we got little mealworms for one of our projects. They were cute but unfortunately, most of them are in the pupa stage now and not moving around...

The little white bean-shaped things are the pupas. They don't move.
We were going to race these guys but it might not work out so well.

- Monday night, we made clay coil pots in our art class. It was so much fun. I definitely am not a pro but I enjoyed it and the product wasn't horrible.

I may never be a famous artist but it's not too bad for a first... Right?

- On Wednesday, we had a snow day. It was full of beautiful flakes. And I also went grocery shopping with my friend, Ms. A and we got lots of delicious food. We also enjoyed a wonderful homemade supper and chai lattes.

Mmmmm... Strawberry shortcake and homemade chai latte. Delish!

- On Thursday, my new sweater came in. I ordered it online and thought it would only be delivered Monday. Guess I was lucky! I put on said sweater and was so cozy, I didn't want to change for my evening class. So I didn't but was worried people would really notice. Turns out half my team had the same idea. Yay!

This is the warmest, coziest sweater I think I have ever owned.
I dare you to get one and try to not wear it constantly.

- For our P.D. day Friday, we had an interactive science day and one of the things we did was a dredge sample. I did lots of these in my B.Sc. so it was fun to get back to it. One of the groups at our table had some leeches. So cool!

Apparently these aren't blood sucking leeches. They were kinda cute
and swam around the petrie dish in a wave-y pattern.

- Friday, Ms. A came by again. We went to the mall and I bought bookshelves! We then assembled them and now all my DVDs are in one of them (instead of the boxes which are now housing mealworms).

I will need two or three more of these if I bring all of my DVDs back
from Ontario. And then my mom's shelves will be bear.

- Yesterday, I went to see One for the Money with Ms. A. It's based on a book by Janet Evanovich in the Stephanie Plum series. I think it's the first time I have seen my name used for a main character in a book, movie, or song. It was very cute and definitely makes me want to read the series now.

- After the movie, I bought a mixer at Zellers. That means no more painful potato mashing or cream whipping. Hurrah!

So excited to use this. I almost want to back a whole bunch of stuff... And
make two tons of mashed potatoes... And three bowls of whipped cream...

- Last night, I went to a hot tub party at one of my fellow BEd-ers house. It was so much fun! We ate lots of delicious food, went snow rolling, and then watched Crazy, Stupid, Love. by a warm fire. She also has the cutest little Yorkie puppy so I got some cuddles in.

Isn't she just so cute? This picture doesn't even begin to show how
tiny she actually is. And she smells like puppy. Aww... I want one.

- Today, I decided to try a cool braid that I found on Pinterest. My hair isn't quite long enough yet for it to work out but it's getting there. Keep growing, hair. We're almost there!

Not quite enough to get to the other side but almost!

There were lots of highlights this week. I am such a lucky person to have a life filled with so much love, happiness, and fantastic people. What made you happy this week?

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