Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Baking!

It is that time of the year again; that Christmas-y time! That also means that it is baking time! Hooray! I always use my Gram's recipes; I am a big fan of family traditions. Tonight was the perfect night for baking. I went and bought all my ingredients. And Christmas tins to store the baking in (Michaels had a sale!). Then I came home, made candy cane coffee, put on my fancy apron (got it from Anthro online this summer), turned on the Christmas tunes, and got to work.

All the supplies!
Christmas tins for all the baking.
Taking over the kitchen...
Candy Cane Coffee: It smells and tastes delicious!
I started by making my shortbread cookies. I realized that I did not have enough butter for the icing. But that is okay since I only ice those as I take them out to eat.
First ones out of the oven...
Ended up with all of these!
While the last batch of those cooked, I started my Hello Dolly squares.
Yum, crust?
And in between Hello Dolly stages, I made my chocolate peanut butter squares and my Cherry Surprises.

My chocolate peanut butter square (double recipe). They're pretty
good! Just ask my friend Riley; he got a batch last year.
I helped him eat it. So generous...
Those Cherry Surprises aren't looking so hot right now. But I promise,
they get better!
My Cherry Surprise production line...
What a productive, fun night! I cannot wait for more tomorrow!

Three hours later... Final products! Yum!

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