Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kids Say the Cutest Things!

So yesterday was a very fun day! It was the first day I was pretty much alone with the class. My supervising teacher was sick so there was a sub in but she didn't do anything because I have taken over the class. Yesterday was also the day that I announced to my class what book we would be studying in English class... Drumroll please...

I am so, so excited and so are the kids. The book is a fabulous, intricate and touching story about Stanley Yelnats, who gets sent to Camp Green Lake because of the curse on his great-great-grandfather and his descendants.

I had a few students who were really negative when they heard that we would be reading this book or when they were reading chapter one. But as soon as they hit chapter three, they were all laughing and discussing parts of the story. Some are so eager to find out what happens, they are already at chapter eighteen.

So that was all great fun! But one of the cutest things related to these Reading Study groups is the Reading Survey I gave the students before we started reading the book. Here are some of the cute responses I got:

- When asked where they buy books, most students wrote "Chapters." However, one student, needing to be completely clear, wrote "Chapters (Indigo)."

- When asked if they could read about absolutely anything, what would it be, a student answered "Adventures to distant lands." How cute is that? 

- When asked what they do when they find a word they don't know, one student said "I look it up in a dicksniare." Notice the spelling of the word "dictionary." Love it!

However, I think the best answers came from the question asking them to finish this sentence: "I think reading is...":

- "Amazing and fun."

- "Amazing and cool!" That's right! Reading is cool. With an exclamation point!

- "Fascinating."

- "Like a movie in my head."

And finally my most favourite answer of them all:

- "I think reading is a totally awesome thing waiting to happen!"

Isn't that just the most amazing answer ever? Anyways, that is all I really wanted to share. It gives me hope as a book lover to see children who get such joy out of reading. The best part was that the great majority of my students claim to really enjoy reading!

P.S. If you haven't read Holes yet, do it! I'm hoping we can show the students the movie as well and do a comparison!


  1. Yay! It sounds like you're doing a great job!

  2. Well, I'm having lots of fun, if nothing else! :)

  3. Aww, that is cute! I'm trying to do some Daily 3 stuff with my class, and we will be doing Literature Circles with "The Worst Christmas Pagent Ever" soon. I guess I will have to pick up "Holes" at some point and read it! (I didn't know it had to do with an old curse! That makes it sound so much more interesting haha :D )