Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday!

Yay! It's Friday again. This week has gone by so fast. Time to link up with Amanda to share the highlights of the week.

 - It was my first week back at school and it went well. I forged a Picasso (not really but kind of) and found out that I teacher I was expecting to be great, really was great after all!

Beauty and the Beast in 3D came out. I haven't seen it yet but can't wait to!

- I got to spend time with my roomies again! Lots of talking and catching up. It was fantastic!

- My friend came to meet me at the mall and we had Starbucks and ran errands. I missed her so much!

- I found this (which is now my background picture) online. It makes me very happy!

Love Big Bang Theory!

I've come to the conclusion that I need to get into the habit of taking lots of pictures again! I had nothing to post to this Friday post! Sad!

What brightened up your week? I love hearing from readers so share away!

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