Thursday, January 5, 2012

Such. A. Nerd.

Alright folks. I am going to demonstrate to you the extent of my nerdy-ness. As I may have previously mentioned, I am a huge (majorly huge) fan of Disney movies.

I would much rather read this...
than this!

And one of my favourite parts of many of these Disney movies is the music.

You may be thinking "Sure, sure. Every kid loves Disney music." But when I say that I am obsessed, I really mean obsessed. My cousin and I used to sing the songs all throughout recess in elementary school. I consistently get yelled at by my sisters: "Stop singing along! You're so annoying!" My friend and I were once singing "Just Around the River Bend" from Pocahontas so intently while canoeing that we didn't see a rock in our way and capsized.

So I believe that it can be assumed that I know a great majority of the lyrics to many of the songs from a large amount of Disney movies.

Well tonight, while reading Facebook comments, someone continued the song "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast in this way (and I quote): "Little town, made of little people....waking up.. to... Say......" As you might imagine, I freaked. I was so bothered by the mistake that I could not read it again. Also, I desperately wanted to correct it. But I held back and opted for writing a blog post about it instead. Good plan, right?

So did any of you catch the mistake? If not, here is the video. See if you catch it now...

Hope you all found it pretty easily. Here is a hint. It's in the third line of the song.

Well, I think that is enough of my nerdy side for now!


P.S. Also, exciting news! Beauty and the Beast is coming out in 3D very, very soon! Yay!

And there is going to be a short based on Tangled afterwards. Could we ask for anything more?



    I don't know if I sent this to you yet, but have you seen this?

    Cause you need to. You really really do.

  2. hahaha I had not seen it yet. But you were right, I had to! lol