Monday, October 24, 2011

Things Amanda and I will do!

So, in my BEd program, I have made lots of friends. And one of the most wonderfulest, funnest ones (teehee) is Amanda! (She introduced me to blogging. Thanks girls!) Anyways, we keep coming up with amazing ideas of things to do. So I thought I should share some of these with you!

- Go to Disney World.

- Visit King's Landing.

- Visit New York City.

- Teach in the UK.

I'm sure we'll think of others things to do. I'll keep you posted!

P.S. Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I created them so we could really visualize what we wanted to do. Better chance of realizing them! haha


  1. We are going to do all of these things! (And I think you're pretty wonderful and fun yourself!)

  2. Haha! Love it! Keep dreaming the dreams and make them come true!!