Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don't Close PCVS!

This September, my sister started to attend a new school, PCVS. This school is the oldest in Peterborough and one of the older ones in Canada. It has many impressive and original programs. The public school board trustees voted for closing the school on Friday September 30th and the reaction was very strong. But the fight isn't over, according to the PCVS Foundation president, who plans to appeal for a review to the Minister of Education.

Many say that the decision of PVCS was chosen as the school to shut down was not in the students' and community's best interest; funding was the main reason. It was suggested that TASSS be consolidated with the other school however, trustees' opinions seemed to change once they found out how much the renovations would cost to turn that specific school into offices.

Some also believe that trustees did not take the decision as seriously as they should or did not make the decision for the right reasons. They said that the trustees may have been colder in their decision-making since those voting to close the school were not from Peterborough. Many members of the school and the community were outraged, stating that the trustees were destroying their community. Students consistently talk about the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere of the school, and sense of belonging they found at PCVS. The school is more of a family or community than just a school.

I know that personally, this school has made a huge difference for my sister. She was having some issues for the past few years. As soon as she started at PCVS, her attitude became more positive, she was making healthier and smarter decisions, and she seemed happier than she had in a long time. Her commitment to her school work was impressive; she was doing school work again and taking more complex or difficult academic classes. Also, the arts integration program allowed her to take classes that she loved, like her creative writing class. More importantly, she felt like she belonged and had school pride. Lately, she has been wearing her "I <3 PCVS" t-shirt almost every day and if she isn't wearing it, she is wearing school colours.

When I went to Peterborough on the long weekend in October, my sister was so excited to show off her wonderful school to me. The school was absolutely beautiful and if nothing else, they should keep PCVS open to preserve the beauty of this historical school.  She lent me one of her school t-shirts and brought me downtown to show me around. We took lots of pictures around the school and I told her I would make a blog post about her school.

PCVS is an integral part of the Peterborough community but also of its students' lives. Hopefully, those ultimately responsible for shutting it down realize what a massive mistake they are making before it is too late.

Here are a few articles or personal responses to the closing of the school that you can read if you are interested:

You can also Google or check on YouTube for other information and to see the protests the students initiated to save their school.

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  1. Such a shame that they're even THINKING about closing this amazing school down! You have our support PCVS and Gabrielle-Prostester-Extraodinaire Shaw-Morin!