Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Once Upon a Time

I have been seeing commercials for this new show, Once Upon a Time for while now and couldn't wait for the first episode to air (October 27th), despite the not so great reviews. It seemed like it had a great cast and it reminded me of a comic series I absolutely love, Fables.

The way they set up the story might have been confusing to some, jumping back and forth through time. But basically, all the storybook characters are banished to our world and stuck in Storybrooke, Maine. In modern day, none of them remember who they are. A woman, Emma, who is also Snow White's daughter, is found by her biological son whom she gave up and he brings her to Storybrooke in hopes she will save them all.

I found it was very interesting to see how each character or person becomes integrated into real life. They all have very normal, daily roles but you can also see all of their original characteristics coming through. Mrs. Blanchard, a.k.a. Snow White, is a teacher who is compassionate, kind, and loves animals. The Evil Queen is the mayor of Storybrooke and she is cold and harsh with her son. Here is the trailer for the show:

I love Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love) and was thrilled to see her in another role. She is so sweet and cute and her roles are usually intricate and interesting. And the Prince Charming, played by Josh Dallas, could definitely be the next big TV Fantasy heartthrob, As could the Sheriff (Jamie Dornan).

Anyways, the next episode plays on October 30th and I am excited to watch and see what comes of it. Hopefully it plays for a while since I want to see what the writers plan on doing with it.

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