Sunday, October 30, 2011

On Bullying.

My grandmother loves Rick Mercer. So it is only natural that I have watched his show every now and then. And my favourite part of his show is alway the rant. This is when he walks through and alley (the same one every time) while being filmed and has a quick, passionate rant about a hot topic in the media. Recently (October 25th), he made a rant on bullying. More specifically, it discussed suicide as a result of bullying and how more strenuous consequences should result from this kind of situation. 

As you can probably tell based on my other recent post on bullying, I am a strong believer in doing whatever is necessary to stop this atrocious behaviour. I truly believe that awareness and early intervention are key to solving the problem. Schools, as well as parents and childhood care providers, play a vital part in making students aware as to what bullying is, the results of it and their responsibilities towards their peers. Compassion, caring, and kindness should be encouraged and rewarded.


  1. Great post, Steph! I saw this video on Facebook and would have liked it a million times if I could.

    Well said - both you and Mr. Mercer!