Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Doctor Who?

I think there is a gaggle of girls throughout the world who feel this way. I know I do. Who could resist being swept off their feet by this amazing Doctor? My friend and I regularly have debates about which companion we are most like and which of us would be more likely to end up with the Doctor. After all, what girl doesn't dream of an attractive, mysterious, intelligent, witty, caring, courageous, and kind man?

For those of you who have never watched Dr. Who before, I have only one thing to say: START NOW!  Doctor Who is one of the longest running television series ever. It essentially follows a Time Lord on his adventures through time and space with the multiple companions he meets along the way. "How do they travel through time and space?", you might wonder. With his magical blue box, The TARDIS! And of course, things always go amuck due to the "wibbly wobbly, timey wimey" nature of the vortex.

The first episode aired in 1963 and the show continued until 1989, introducing us to a total of seven Doctors! In 1996, a TV movie introduced an eighth Doctor and in 2005, the television series started airing again with a ninth Doctor. This is where I jump in.

Most of the newer generation of Doctor Who fans have watched the series starting in 2005, with Christopher Eccleston playing the Doctor. And here is the thing: every time they change Doctors, you think you will never like the next one as much. But I am now caught up to the latest season of Doctor Who (Season 6) and I love Matt Smith, the eleventh Doctor. He does a great job and adds a quirky and wonderful sense of humour to the show. I still miss David Tennant, mind you. I don't think anyone will ever replace David Tennant - picture below - in my heart.

This show makes me laugh, cry, cheer, and scares me half to death at times. You come to know the characters, get attached, and wish that they were real and would just walk into your life. Every minute spent watching it is worth your while! Check it out folks! :)


  1. I've seen one episode. Roz & Garry showed us the Angel statues one and I nearly crapped my pants. Although I must say it was addictive. I'll have to start watching!

  2. It is so addictive! I'll have to give you some episodes to watch next time I see you! I only have like, 8 episodes to watch to be completely caught up and I'm loving it! Waiting for the new season will be torture. But yeah, the Weeping Angels are creepy but there's lots of other scary stuff.