Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

Yay for Friday! I am so excited. I skipped my Happy Friday post last week because it was Remembrance Day. But this week, I am happy to link up to Amanda, once again, to share the positive points of our week! So here goes:

- I moved up to level two of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred exercise DVD. Before this happened, I managed to do pushups for the whole pushup time in level one! That was up to 22 from the original 8.

- I took on all the math and science classes for the week. And we decided to try math centers. It went very well.

- We got snow again! Yay! And it stayed for the whole day... It's beginning to look a teensy, weensy bit like Christmas.

- I got my first random hallway hug at school today, from a little girl in the choir. It was so cute. She came up to me as fast as you can without running, squealing: "Hello Miss Stephanie!!" and smashed into me, giving me a huge bear hug. It's great to know that students trust you and are happy to have you there.

- I figured out that playing classical music in the background as a sound gage worked to keep my 28 little ones quiet-ish during group work. Plus we get to listen to music for part of the day! Woot!

- I helped monitor the sock hop at my school. A fun song came on and a bunch of my students in the lineup made eye contact with me. So instinctively I started goofy dancing. And guess what! They weren't even embarrassed. Not even close! They totally joined in!

- My voice was gone most of the week. But this forced me to discover the delicious combination of boiling water, lemon juice, and honey. I think it might replace my tea for the next little while.

- They released the title and the trailer for the Dr. Who Christmas Special! So pumped! Can't wait to watch it!

- I finished my French book and have moved on to Alice and Wonderland. I am so excited to read this book! I'll probably be posting about it.

I'm looking forward to a restful weekend, lots of sleep, and getting rid of this cold. I hope you all had plenty of wonderful things to be thankful for this week. Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. We did math centers today and they went well! Yay! And double-yay for hugs!