Thursday, November 24, 2011

More Classical...

So today, I was sitting in class marking math tests and lesson planning while waiting to go home. Of course, I was listening to classical music again. Suddenly, a piece came on and it sounded, really, really familiar. Not just "I've heard it before" familiar but like, "This was kind of a big deal and it was part of something" familiar. Then I remembered where I had heard it!

It was the whale song from Fantasia 2000!

This piece was kind of a big deal because I love whales. A lot!

While I was searching for this video, I also found a re-scored version which was pretty good. Although I like the original better.

Anyways, after listening to this clip, I realized that it wasn't the same at all. I had heard it somewhere before, though.

What I was looking for was Dvorak's 9th Symphony! More specifically, the first movement, an adagio in E minor. (P.S. Sorry for the lack of accents on his name.) But then it hit me! I totally know where I heard this song before. It was in Barbie as Rapunzel which my youngest sister used to love (almost as much as I love the whale video). That's right folks, I have watched Barbie as Rapunzel often enough to recognize a piece of classical music from it.

You hear part of it in the intro during the narration of the story and other parts of the intro when the movie's theme isn't playing.

And you also hear it when she first goes to the village, which I heard it is supposed to represent (you know, since it is also called From the New World, according to Wikipedia). You can hear it if you go to about the five minute mark in this next video.

As a matter of fact, bits and pieces of the piece play pretty much throughout the whole movie. It is kind of sad that I know this movie well enough to pinpoint specific parts where the song is noticeable. Oh well! That's me. 

Either way, the piece is absolutely beautiful. So here is a more complete, not Barbie-full version of it! Enjoy!


  1. That's ok! When I heard the Saint-Saen's symphony no. 3, I spent DAYS trying to figure out where it was from! Let me know if you can guess!! Specifically, the part starting right around the 30 second mark.

  2. Ooh! My blog is generating guessing games. Awesome! I gotta do my workout, then I'll check this out and get back to you! :)

  3. Ha! I know this one! It's from Babe!! The piggy!! My Grandma had that on VHS and I used to watch it all the time! :)

  4. Good job! It took me forever!
    And then when I found it, I decided I had to go and watch Babe again! Which was still awesome!

    Here's another one, but I'm thinking you'll get it right away!

  5. Teehee This is fun! Okay... Gimme a minute...

  6. Nope! This one isn't EXACTLY the same, but this song was the basis of the west wing from Beauty and the Beast!

  7. I figured the Beauty and the Beast basis but then it changed sooo :p Are you sure it's not a Fantasia piece? I might just be crazy. But I love Beauty and the Beast! One of my top faves. So I recognized that! They play that little tune throughout the whole movie!


    Beast: The castle is your home now, so you can go anywhere you like, except the West Wing. Belle: What's in the West Wing? Beast: IT'S FORBIDDEN!

    Love it. And you shuold have gotten that right away, woman!

  9. I did! My first thought was "OMG!! It's Beauty and the Beast!" But then... Duh-duh-duh! It changed! And I was looking for an exact match. One of you should Google it and see if it was in one of the Fantasias. It sounds Fantasia-y... Lol And I'm at school so can't Google it now!


    This is the finale from Carnival of the Animals, which is where the Aquarium is also from. Really, though, if you get a chance, listen to the entire Suite, it is fantastic!