Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Friday!

Thank goodness it is Friday! It is time to link up with Amanda to talk about the things that made us happy this week. So here goes!

- I got much better at my exercise routine. I went from being able to do about two walking push-ups to doing all seven in both sets. Woohoo!

- One of my students at school asked me if I would come visit when my internship is done. It just about broke my heart but it was nice to know she would miss me as much as I will miss them.

- I listened to lots of wonderful music, appreciated it, and talked about it. It even turned one of my blog posts into a guessing game. And also getting virtually yelled at by my cousin because she thought I didn't recognize the theme from Beauty and the Beast. I also found it that this movie is coming out in 3D after Christmas! :) Thanks Chrissy!

- I got to eat so delicious soup with biscuits. This might seem kind of boring but I love biscuits. A lot. I ate five of them with my bowl. It was wonderful!

- We did a science experiment in my class and the kids loved it. We are making salt crystals and it was been working wonderfully so far. It's actually helping the kids understand the structure of crystals. Yay!

This is what they should end up looking like. Yay!

- My voice is back! I'm excited about it but my students might be a little bit less so.

- I'm taking over all of the classes next week. That's right folks. I'll be taking over a full classroom. Should be fun. I've decided I'm going to do a reading circle-type activity. I'm excited.

- I suggested Holes to a few students who didn't like reading. It has now gone viral in my classroom. Students are calling dibs on the two copies we have. It really is a great book, by the way. Check it out!

- Wednesday was a snow day! We all went to school in the morning, disappointed that it hadn't snowed and school wasn't cancelled. Then, briefly after recess, it started coming down fast and everyone was sent home at lunch. Surprise!

- We made oatmeal cookies and made ice cream sandwiches out of them and I completely forgot to write about it. They were delicious! Post to follow...

- My mom, stepdad and sister have gone to New York. You might think that it is weird for me to be happy to have been left behind from a trip but I'm happy cause I'll get to hear lots of wonderful stories when they get back. Last time they had a picture of Lucy Liu. Without them in it of course... Silly gooses!

It looked something like this. You couldn't tell it
apart from any other picture of her.
I realize that most of my happy things happened in my classroom. Well, I guess that might be because that is where I spend most of my time. But I'm hoping it has more to do with having picked the right career.

I hope all of you had a wonderful week as well. Feel free to share! :)


  1. This post had me smiling the whole time! And my heart is already starting to break at the thought of leaving them :(

  2. It makes me so sad! I might go the last two days before their Christmas Break just to do the fun activities and stuff. I already mentioned it to my teacher!