Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Teachers Make.

This week has been full of teaching and planning. It has been crazy hectic but so much fun. I have taught a couple math classes and am taking on more everyday. I have begun helping with the school's choir and have already attended a few meetings at the school or with the district.

I love all of the students and discovering their personalities and strengths. I love finding out what works for them and hearing them tell me the stories of events in their lives that they are excited about. I love receiving little gifts, that to some, might seem kinda silly but to me are the cutest expression of wanting me around (like an origami Yoda). I love seeing their face light up whenever they finally get a concept they have been struggling with.

The whole point to this is that the more time I spend in school, the more I think of what I want to achieve as a teacher; the joys and the struggles that come with this fantastic profession. The impact we can have on students and the way we can change lives is heartwarming but also scary.

And so whenever I think of my future as a teacher, I think of the video of the poem by Taylor Mali about What Teachers Make. This video was shown to us during one of our classes and it kind of went viral throughout our group. So here it is for you all. (Whoever you wonderful people all are who read my random blog.) I hope you enjoy it!

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