Monday, November 28, 2011

Seven Minutes To Heaven!

Alright! So here is the cookie blog I was talking about!

René and I decided that we were going to make oatmeal cookies a couple Saturdays ago. So we found a recipe online and then we modified them by making a couple batches of coconut and raisin oatmeal cookies. They were all delicious! See?

Mmmm! Cookies in the oven!
Even René enjoyed them!
 And then we had the genius idea to make vanilla greek yogurt sandwiches out these fantastic cookies. That's right folks; homemade frozen yogurt sandwiches. So we buttered one cookie with yogurt and froze it. Then we put a thin "glue" layer of yogurt on the pre-frozen layer and then stuck on the other cookie.
Putting on the glue...
 Then we thaw them out a bit so they aren't as hard and shazam! Frozen yogurt sandwiches! Yummies!

And that is my delicious frozen-yogurt sandwich story!

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  1. I read the title as "Seven Minutes in Heaven". Not gonna lie, I'm disappointed there's no making out in this post.