Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Love Christmas-Time!

I love Christmas-Time! I don't care what people say about it being commercialized and annoying. You can think what you want and you can let other people's "corporate corruption" ruin Christmas for you. But there are still people in the world who love Christmas because it is a time of sharing, joy, and love.

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is the Christmas Tree. The lights are bright and beautiful, and they smell nice. They just represent beauty, cheer, and happiness. To me, anyways. And I was sad because I still didn't really have a plan for a Christmas Tree yet this year.

Then this afternoon I went on a fun date night with my step-cousin to the movies, and when I dropped her off, her family was decorating for Christmas. And I was telling them about wanting to get a Christmas Tree. Well, her dad used to own a bridal parlour that he had to decorate every year so apparently he has massive amounts of Christmas stuff. Guess what happened next!

They lent me a tree and decorations and everything I need! Just like that! I got a tree and lights and balls and a garland. They said why not since they weren't going to use it and it meant so much to me. They said that's what Christmas is all about! I was so excited!

So my plan is to put up my Christmas Tree next weekend. I cannot wait! I am so grateful to them. It's the best Christmas gift someone could ask for, sharing the Joy of Christmas. I will keep you all posted on Christmas Tree advancements.

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