Sunday, November 13, 2011

I've Been There!

So I am watching Leap Year again and thought again about how the castle ruins at the train station looked familiar. It looked like a castle my Gramps and I visited when driving through Ireland, Scotland, and England this summer, even the little church at the bottom of the hill. But there was no tower at ours... 

Castle in the movie...

Well, guess what?! I googled it and part of it was computer generated. But the bulk of it is Dunamase Rock Castle. And I went there! It was the first thing my grandpa and I visited! How cool is that?

Look familiar? I guess I've seen it from pretty much every angle so I see the resemblance more.
I was even climbing all over the walls.

I'm pretty spoiled! It still baffles me to think of the fact that I've been to such ancient, beautiful, magical places. Thanks for the wonderful trip Gramps! I will never forget it.

Gramps and I in the "courtyard"...

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